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Hot potassium recovery plant - Giammarco-Vetrocoke

The syngas coming from a steam reforming plant at the pressure of 15-22 bar is treated with a potassium carbonate solution to recovery CO2.

The chemical reaction can be summarized as follow:

CO2 + H2O + KHCO3 ‹—› 2 KHCO3

In the solution glycine and DEA are added to increase the reaction speed in the absorption phase.

The CO2 rich solution is envied in the stripping column where at low pressure (0.2-0.35 barg) the solution is regenerated and CO2 recovered and fed to the compression, purification and liquefaction section.

Part or total of the stripping heat is recovered from the syngas that in general has a temperature of 300-350°C.

The CO2, coming from a steam reforming, has a very high purity due to the syngas composition free of poison.

The regenerates potassium carbonate solution is pumped to the absorption column.

The working costs of the recovery in general are limited to the power for the transfer pump and to the raw materials for the make up of the potassium carbonate solution. In case of steam reforming optimization these costs are recovered from a little improvement of hydrogen recovery yield.

Here enclosed thee is a typical PDF of this process.

The main specification of the CO2 hot potassium recovery plants are: