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Hydrogen purification

Our company has developed a PSA hydrogen purification plants for our steam reforming plant and following this technology has been adopted for other hydrogen purification as stream coming from hydrogenation process or from ammonia production unit or for our POX hydrogen production or other chemical/petrochemical process.

PSA plants can use molecular-sieves (CO,N2,O2)/activated carbon (CH4,CO2, light hydrocarbon)/activated alumina (H2O) as adsorbent depending by gas impurities content.

When the adsorbents achieve the saturation , they will be regenerated using pressure drop ( in some case it is necessary to go under vacuum) and after this operation they are ready to be re-used.

Our PSA plants is particularly suitable for hydrogen purification production and generally are based on 3-5 vessels.

The benefit of the plant can be condensed as follows:

  • Simple design ensures high reliability and low maintenance;
  • Low investments costs;
  • Compact configuration that minimizes space requirements;
  • Fully automatic running without an operator.The plant can be connected to the Headquarters control room and controlled by a single telephone line.

Our company will be at your full disposal to study your requirements, designing the tailored solution and thereafter submit a tender.