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Company Profile

5P Engineering srl was established in 1976, and since the beginning has worked in a broad range of activities, thus accumulating extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of engineering services.

5P Engineering srl is in a position to respond to the most advanced requests, and to meet the challenge of today’s most sophisticated projects, providing basic or complete engineering services, including turn-key projects.

Thanks to the consistent expertise acquired, 5P Engineering srl can also offer a profitable co-operation with leading engineering and manufacturing companies, using computer aided design systems for the process definition, equipment sizing, preparation of all drawings and documents required by the project, including the project control systems.

The Company is specialized in providing first-rate services to a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, fine chemical, petrochemical, biotechnology, food, power & energy.

5P Engineering srl can offer a flexible organization and all the support services required to assure successful completion of all project within budget and on time.

By careful examination of all the client’s needs, 5P Engineering srl will guarantee the optimal use of resources and of capital expenditure.

With a permanent, qualified staff, 5P Engineering srl can skilfully solve any technical or economical problem, which may arise during the execution of a project.