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Logo C&EAir decarbonising and drying plant


CRIO&ENG has developed the air decarbonising and drying TSA plants which as proven to be very efficient, as regards power consumption and are installed principally on cryogenic separation plants to purify the inlet air.

TSA plants use molecular-sieves as absorbents to remove carbon dioxide and activated alumina to remove water.

When the adsorbents achieve the saturation, will be regenerated using temperature ( about 180-200°C) at low pressure ( 300 –500 mm H2O) .

In general the stream used for the regeneration is a waste from the cold box.

In other type of plant ( as the air drying for instrumental ) the regeneration process is simply a PSA cycle.

The cycles of working and regeneration is based on time with a warranty that the outlet regeneration temperature is achieved.

Our TSA plants is particularly suitable for this process and the benefit of the plant can be condensed as follows:

  • Simple design ensures high reliability and low maintenance;
  • Low investments costs;
  • Compact configuration that minimizes space requirements;
  • Fully automatic running without an operator. The plant can be connected to the Headquarters control room and controlled by a single telephone line.

In the following picture is shown an example of the supervision of the system:

CRIO&ENG will be at your full disposal to study your requirements, design the tailored solution and thereafter submit a tender. We also realize turn-key installation, start-up, operation and maintenance of TSA/PSA plants.

The main specification of the TSA/PSA plants are:

Production purity

Water ppm


CO2 ppm


Powder ppm


Nominal Capacity of plant