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Complete air separation plant - ASU Plant

CRIO&ENG has developed on-site cryogenic separation plants, based on a single column, in order to meet Client requests for lower gas costs.

Our plant meets such requirements and also ensures high reliability, very safe operation and a wide range of various gas purifications.

Our gas generator is based on air fractionated distillation to separate the two main components: Nitrogen and Oxygen. In certain plants, depending on the size, it is possible to add an Argon recovery column.

The main steps of the process are as follows:

1.0 Air filtration
2.0 Air compression
3.0 Air cooling system including chiller
4.0 Air purification (decarbonised and dried air)
5.0 Expanders (depending on plant size)
6.0 Air or Nitrogen compression and expansion system (frigories generation system)
7.0 Cryogenic air separation
Recovery argon unit if forecast

The compressors are either centrifugal, screw or volumetric type, but is generally oil-free, once again depending on plant size.

The air purification unit uses activated alumina and molecular sieves.

The unit can be of a PSA or TSA type (depending on plant size).

The purified air is fed into a “cold box” where the distillation column ( our new process ) or the two columns ( high and low pressure - traditional process) together with condenser, reboiler, main exchanger, Argon column (if required) and all the recovery exchangers are located.

Our patented plant uses Nitrogen cycle to produce the necessary frigories.

The benefits of the plant are condensed as follows:

  • Cost effective gases supply: “Nitrox” is a highly modular plant with a very low power consumption.
  • Production of gaseous and liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen depending on the necessity, which means that the plant has the possibility to obtain liquids for back-up, therefore decreasing the cost of obtaining liquids from other sources.
  • Product purity: “Nitrox” can produce gases of different purities, starting from 95 up until 99,9999%
  • Pressure flexibility: “Nitrox” can produce gases at different pressure, up until 8 bar.

The main specification of the our plant are summarized as follows:

To increase the liquid capacity production it is necessary to increase the frigories production with the consequent increase of power consumption