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Fog abetment equipment

CRIO&ENG has developed together with Autovie Venete SpA a distributor of liquid nitrogen for the cold fog rarefaction.

The equipment are based on Russian technology for the fog control on the airport area.

The diffusion of liquid nitrogen in the atmosphere makes a very little crystals of ice on which there is a condensation of particles of water that precipitate in form of ice. The consumption of liquid nitrogen is very limited.

For a airport strip having a diffuser every 200-300 m a total consumption is 40 litters for 8 hours of service.

The intervention of the LIN diffusers must assure a horizontal visibility of 600 m and vertical visibility of 4oo m that is sufficient for landing and take off.

For the motorways there are two possibilities on to prevent the fog formation:

  1. using a fixed diffusers inserted by a supervision system ( one show in the left picture) that is acceptable for the payment area, some interconnecting area etc.
  2. using a mobile system show in the right picture that assure a effect of 30 minutes of fog reduction (refreshing tine ).