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VSA - Vacuum Swing Adsorption

Gaseous Oxygen Production


CRIO&ENG has developed its own oxygen supply on site VSA plants which as proven to be very efficient, as regards power consumption.
VSA plants use molecular sieves as absorbents to remove nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water.
oxygen_production_001_299.jpg (83231 byte)A drying agent layer is added to the adsorption vessels to increase performance.
When the molecular sieves achieve the saturation, the molecules will be stripped using vacuums and the absorbents are then ready to be re-used.
Our VSA plants use two adsorbent beds but this does not mean two vessels, because of delivery problems for the size, the adsorbent step can be divided into two or more vessels.
The VSA dual bed is considered a continuous plant: one bed adsorbing whilst the other is regenerating.
oxygen_production_001_299.jpg (83231 byte)The benefits of the plant can be condensed as follows:

  • Energy consumption (less then 0,4kWh/Nmc, O2 as 100% without recompression);
  • Simple design ensures high reliability and low maintenance;
  • Low investments costs;
  • Compact configuration that minimizes space requirements;
  • Fully automatic running without an operator. The plant can be connected to the Headquarters control room and controlled by a single telephone line.

The VSA plants are normally integrated with a liquid oxygen backup storage system which ensures continuous supply during failure or maintenance of the plant.
When oxygen at higher pressure (more that 1.2 bar) is required, the plant will be equipped with a compressor and a high pressure gas buffer.
oxygen_production_003_371.jpg (14350 byte)Therefore, it is possible to modify the flow rate of the consumption without carrying out modification to the VSA system.
CRIO&ENG will be at your full disposal to study your requirements, design the tailored solution and thereafter submit a tender.
We also realize turn-key installation, start-up, operation and maintenance of VSA plants.